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Totally Discreet Packaging available for safe and secure delivery. All our products are discreetly packaged for confidentiality.

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After placing your order on Meds247-uk.com you will get a tracking number through which you can track your order and get the live location of your order.

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All your data is secure and encrypted under an SSL Layer. Meds247-uk.com provide safe and secure payment options like credit and debit card options.

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We are regulated and inspected by FDA UK to ensure we have the quality and safety of our service. All our Abortion pills are generic and Authentic .

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Our Medical experts are here for your queries about Medical Abortion. Tell us privately about your medical history and symptoms.

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I love the way they deliver the abortion pills with discreet packaging. It is so safe and without hesitation I can collect it from the delivery guy. I am delighted to choose you for purchasing my abortion pills.

Ella Garcia

Business Women

I am happy to get better service. They have the best supportive team. The team member has helped with giving friendly advice during my termination. I would give 5 stars to the team for their service. Very quick and responsive team.

Kiron Jorge


The day i ordered my MTP kit from Meds247 and within 2 hrs i received my tracking number. And i started tracking my order which provide me updated position of my order. Thanks to the team i received my order in only 3 days which is really very fast.

Emily Jones


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